Corporate Governance

Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC is the parent company of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC – the largest manufacturer of commercial washing machines and laundry equipment in the world. We have been a leader in the North American commercial laundry industry for more than a decade. With the addition of our European operations and export sales, we’re also leading the way in new markets around the world.

Alliance is committed to achieving effective corporate governance and upholding the highest ethical standards with a commitment to integrity, compliance, respect, teamwork, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. We have adopted a code of ethics for board members, executive officers and senior financial officers, as well as a code of conduct for all Alliance employees. These materials are available on our website.

Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC and all its direct and indirect subsidiaries, (herein after referred to as "Alliance Holdings," "Alliance," "Company," "we," "our" and "us") are proud to offer innovative and high-quality products and customer responsive services.

As limited liability companies, neither Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC nor its wholly owned subsidiary, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, has a board of directors and neither entity has a board of managers. The ultimate function of our board of directors is fulfilled by the board of directors of ALH Holding Inc., which is the parent company and single managing member of Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC.