Alliance Laundry Systems looks back at a successful Texcare International 2016

WEVELGEM, Belgium. – (June 27, 2016) –Alliance Laundry Systems, the world leader in commercial laundry, has wrapped up five outstanding days at Texcare International 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for the laundry sector. Alliance considers its participation in the trade fair to be a tremendous success, thanks to the many visitors they welcomed into their booth.

At Texcare, Alliance presented the first preview of the brand new STAR (Science, Technology and Research) Center, the research lab that they recently opened in Pribor, Czech Republic. The exciting reveal included innovative new control panels for the laundry equipment of the brands IPSO®, Primus®, Speed Queen® and UniMac®. The new control panels have large graphical displays and are completely future-proof, allowing laundry facility users and owners endless possibilities in operating the machines and tracking data.

Alliance also presented new machines with new increased capacities for Primus and IPSO. Despite their bigger capacities, the new machines have a smaller footprint and will, therefore, take up less space. Their ecological footprint is also reduced, making the machines more efficient in their use of water and energy.

Also presented at Texcare was the new design for the entire IPSO product range; with focus on ergonomics, functionality and accessibility. Alliance also presented and demonstrated the SoftwashTM Wet Cleaning solutions for Primus: a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to dry-cleaning that is ideally suited for delicates.

Texcare International 2016 set a new record welcoming ten percent more international visitors, allowing Alliance to meet with more international partners and educate them about the new products. “We consider our participation in Texcare a tremendous success”, says Rick Pyle, President - Alliance International. “We have had the opportunity to speak with our clients and distributors and really listen to their feedback on the new products. We heard lots of positive reactions, which makes me proud of our company and more importantly, our team.”

Alliance thanks everyone who visited the booth for their interest and already looks forward to Texcare International 2020.

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