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A world of laundry success

Here we share stories of people around the world who are experiencing success in laundry.

Laundromat case study: Australia

Laundry owners in Australia share their optimism for growth and enthusiasm for laundry as a business.

Laundry case study: Italy

Twenty years after introducing the laundromat to Italy, Coley O’Kief continues to grow his business by expanding the concept into new markets.

Common laundry for universities and dorms in China

A shared laundry room in a residential environment is a new concept in China. A Chinese entrepreneur discusses customers’ reactions to multi-housing laundry.

Common laundry in a remote Australian mine

A mine is an incredibly harsh environment for laundry and laundry equipment. See how one owner has uncovered a rich seam in the mining industry.

Common laundry business flexibility

A Chinese route laundry manager shares the many options he has for dealmaking. Investment and income related to developing a laundry business can be split multiple ways.

Laundromat case study: Philippines

Introducing the convenience and efficiency of a coin laundry in a market unfamiliar with the concept has led to business success for Rocky Hernandez.

Newport Beach, California, USA

California entrepreneur Deechen Horton saw an investment opportunity in coin laundry. She purchased an old, neglected laundromat and upgraded the equipment to reliable, high-performance Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers, giving customers what they're looking for and drastically improving profitability.

Laundromat case study: California, USA

An investor discusses what motivated him to enter the laundry business and what he has learned over the years about making customers happy.

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