Vended laundry owners know all too well what can happen when screws left in clothes find their way into drying tumblers. Screws often catch in the cylinder holes and cause extensive damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder. This leads to reduced efficiency and added expenses for replacement parts.

Alliance Laundry Systems, however, has reduced the risk for such damage with its redesigned tumbler cylinders utilizing a patented oval hole design.

The company recently was issued this patent for “laundry dryer with improved tumbler airflowpassage openings.” The cylinder design enables certain size screws, most commonly used in home construction, left in clothes to fall harmlessly out of the cylinder and on to the top of the lint screen.

“Our patented design will be a huge benefit to coin laundry owners,” said Jay Klemm, tumbler product manager at Alliance Laundry Systems. “These new perforations will reduce damage caused by drywall screws and maintain fast, efficient drying performance versus tumblers with standard cylinder holes.”

Introduced earlier this year at the Clean Show, tumblers with the new oval perforations already are being marketed under all Alliance’s brands.