Alliance Laundry Systems, the leading global commercial laundry equipment provider, is opening a new, state-of-the-art office and demonstration facility in Italy.

The new headquarters in Brescia, Northern Italy, will not only provide a modern showroom for the key brands supported in the country, but will also include a Technical Training Room and Test Laboratory that provides professional operators the opportunity to witness – first hand – the effectiveness of the laundry systems and solutions available.

Rocco di Bari, Senior Vice President EMEA for Alliance Laundry Systems, said the facility, which includes more than 3,500sq m of demonstration suites, offices and warehouses, will provide the perfect environment to show why Alliance continues to lead the commercial laundry sector.

“The investment in our new headquarters reflects the importance of the Italian market as a key part of our future global growth plans,” di Bari said. “At a practical level, it will enable us to show how our equipment delivers the best results with the shortest cycle times – reducing water usage, energy and labor costs without sacrificing quality or performance. At a strategic level, it will enable us to be closer to our customers and our partners, and demonstrates our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions and the highest levels of pre-sale and after-sale support to distributors and end-users.”

Center stage within the new facility are the Speed Queen®, UniMac® and Primus® brands. Speed Queen provides equipment and management systems designed and built specifically for the vend market and supports the company’s branded store concept. To coincide with the launch of the new Italian headquarters, Alliance will be opening a new flagship Speed Queen store in Brescia which will allow potential investors and laundromat operators to experience the concept themselves.

Of the remaining flagship brands, UniMac is the preferred choice for high volume on-premises laundry (OPL) operators in the hotel and healthcare segments and provides a complete package of reliable, long-term turnkey solutions. Primus delivers innovative solutions for local operators, especially home care environments, and provides a professional wet cleaning solution, ‘SoftWash’. Alliance will also continue to support a fourth brand, IPSO®, through an existing, long-term distributor relationship with Rotondi Group Srl.

Di Bari said that the outlook for the Italian market is a positive one, “Italy is the third largest market for Alliance in Europe and now we have a modern facility in which we can welcome our guests and provide a hands on experience to showcase our innovative laundry solutions and systems.”