Professional care wet cleaning
solutions for commercial laundries

Our innovative wet cleaning products are designed to produce value for commercial laundries and drycleaners who care for fine fabrics and luxury fashion.

From a custom-capacity installation to user training, we can supply everything necessary for a total wet cleaning solution. Offer your customers and team the benefits of environmentally friendly, convenient wet cleaning today.

Outstanding results

with soft, clean, fresh-smelling, color-popping fabrics that feel natural and last longer.


washed away with gentle ease, including oil, grease, wax, food and more.

Laundry peace-of-mind

knowing you’ve chosen a premium solution supported by the global leader.

No nasty chemicals

just water and precisely-applied minimum amounts of biodegradable detergents.


with no toxic residues or waste. Less energy and water requirements, too.

For fine fabrics

like silk, wool, cotton, leather and even synthetics and blends.