Leading performance in commercial

Leading performance is our daily reality. We seek to measure performance in every aspect of laundry. We then work with our customers to enhance it.

We’ll solve your toughest laundry challenge – and your most delicate. Alliance Laundry Systems is the world leader in commercial laundry in multiple dimensions, including:


We are the world’s No.1 supplier of professional laundry equipment in terms of sales. That’s more than twice the size of our nearest competitor.


Since 1908, we have focused solely on laundry. Our passion is helping our stakeholders achieve professional and personal success through our family of laundry brands.


We can help with almost all your laundry needs. We’re here for you, whether you operate a major 24-hour laundry operation, or want better results for your family.


We offer products and support in virtually every market in the world via our growing network and distribution partners.


We have invested over USD 300 million in R&D and manufacturing within the previous five years. That translates into more reliable products that perform better and last longer.


Our experience and size gives us authoritative insights into laundry needs around the world. This enables our engineers, designers and developers to create superior solutions.