How to attract happy loyal laundromat customers

We’ve built more laundromats than anyone. Along the way, we have learned how to give people what they want. And keep them coming back. We believe there’s a lot of opportunity in making laundry easier and more pleasant.

Many people tell us they want better laundromat services. As the world leader in commercial laundry, we’re determined to give it to them. Here’s what laundry customers say what matters to them:

Great laundry results

People want their laundry to be clean and fresh smelling. They want it gently washed in powerful machines that care for fabrics. They want linen dried without tangling or over-drying. They want finished laundry that’s easy to iron or fold.

Fast easy experience

Laundry is a chore. The easier it is for people, the better they like it. That’s why they prefer fast, powerful machines with intuitive controls and simple instructions. Customers want easy, flexible payment options, with rewards for loyalty. They also want a range of capacity options for different sized loads.

Friendly knowledgeable assistance

Not all laundromats are attended. However attended laundries with a well-trained, helpful team can develop greater customer loyalty. Attendants can also offer a wider range of services, such as a drop-off option and premium wet cleaning for luxury fabrics.

Pleasant environment

The traditional laundry isn’t a very pleasant environment. It’s typically hot and cramped, and often poorly organized. It doesn’t have to be like this. A more thoughtful approach can attract more customers. Today’s laundries are designed to be a social amenity for the neighborhood.

Wider choice of services

If you’re thinking of upgrading your laundry, maybe it’s time to consider expanding your services, too. We’re seeing a trend for more laundromats to offer wash-dry-and-fold services, as well as wet cleaning for premium fabrics. New management and cleaning technology can help you offer these services in your store.