Alliance Laundry Systems, the world leader in commercial laundry, looks back fondly on nine days of welcoming more than 160 international distributors to Pribor, Czech Republic. The distributors of the brands IPSO®, Primus®, Speed Queen® and UniMac® were shown the latest innovations during Distributor Days, which took place June 14th– 22nd.

Alliance gave an exclusive demonstration of the many new features and products the company will launch in the near future. The distributors were given an extensive presentation on the products and marketing approach. They reacted with enthusiasm on the innovations. “I am really impressed by the new products and I already look forward to their official launch”, said one distributor.

Rick Pyle, President – Alliance International, is grateful for the massive turnout and enthusiasm of the participants. “We have had the opportunity to interact with our distributors, who are very important to us and we strongly believe in”, he said. “We received a lot of positive reactions and got useful feedback we will definitely take into account.”

The most groundbreaking innovation Alliance presented was the new control platform for the washer-extractors and tumble dryers for all four brands. The control platform comes with a large graphical display and has future-proof features and specs. This allows laundry operators and managers endless possibilities in operating the machines and tracking data to make the laundry process more efficient.

Moreover, Primus will launch new softmount washer-extractors and medical barrier washer-extractors. Both product ranges have innovative new features, increased capacities of up to 15.4% and a new sleek and industrial design, bringing the user experience to the highest level. The machines will also consume less water and energy, reducing their ecological footprint.

Other new innovations presented at Distributor Days included the new ergonomical and functional design of the IPSO product range, improving the accessibility of the machines, and the wet cleaning solutions the Alliance brands now offer. Wet cleaning is an easy, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for washing delicates, in substitution for traditional dry-cleaning.

The distributors for IPSO, Primus, Speed Queen and UniMac were also invited to a guided factory visit of the high-tech production plant in Pribor. They learned about the efficient and structured production process of the Alliance laundry equipment. Additionally, the distributors got an exclusive sneak preview of the STAR (Science, Technology and Research) Center that officially opened on Thursday, June 23rd. “We believe that the strength of Alliance as the world leader in commercial laundry will be further supported by extensive research and testing”, said Rick Pyle.

The entire Alliance Laundry Systems staff and management would like to thank all participating distributors for their attendance and enthusiasm.