When we say community is a major part of who Alliance Laundry Systems is, we mean it. Few global companies the size of Alliance maintain a presence in the small town in which they were born. Yet here we are, more than 110 years into our history and we still call little Ripon, Wisconsin, population 7,500, home. Community is who we are – it has been from the start. We also believe it is this sense of community, which spans the countries and cultures around the world where we maintain offices and manufacturing facilities, that makes us stronger.

From Thailand to Italy, the Czech Republic to China and our global offices in Brazil, Spain, Dubai, France, Germany and beyond, ours is a truly global community of more than 3,000 staff members with diverse backgrounds. Our team represents all races, religions, sexual orientation and backgrounds, and we are united by mission and commitment to our core values – chief among them respect for one another.

Alliance Laundry Systems does not and will never tolerate prejudice or hate. Each citizen in our global community is empowered and expected to report actions or words that run contrary to our core values. We all share in that responsibility.

These are heartbreaking and uncertain times, with COVID-19 threatening the world and peaceful protests against racism in the United States erupting into riots. The frustration and anger we are seeing is understandable, but we believe now more than ever, that the key is coming together as a community. It starts with respecting each other, helping each other and understanding that it is our collective diversity that makes us stronger. Only if we support and hold each other accountable can great things can be achieved.